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The Xbox Series X/S controller is on sale for $50

Xbox Series X/S Controller
(Image credit: Xbox)

Microsoft released a line of updated controllers last year alongside the launch of the Xbox Series S and X. They were briefly on sale for $40 during Black Friday, but they haven't returned to that price since. Now you can get them for $50 from a handful of retailers, a $10 discount over the typical price.

Even though the new controllers don't look that different than the Xbox One gamepad, there are a few key improvements. The D-pad mirrors the design of the Xbox Elite controller, the grips are slightly smaller, a share button has been added to the center (which doesn't do anything on Windows 10 yet), and the entire body has a new matte finish. The rear side and trigger/bumper buttons are also coated in a grippier texture than on the Xbox One controller.

Even though the gamepads are primarily designed for use with the Xbox Series X and S consoles, Xbox controllers have always offered excellent Windows support. They work natively with nearly every PC game that supports controller input, no matter if the game uses Steam for input mapping or the Windows Xinput API. The Xbox Elite Series 2 gamepad is currently our favorite controller for PC gaming.

Xbox Series S/X Controller | $49.99 (save $10)

Xbox Series S/X Controller | $49.99 (save $10)
Microsoft's latest Xbox controller is now $10 off the usual price, though only the 'Robot White' color is discounted. Amazon has the Robot White and Carbon Black versions for the same price, but they are back-ordered by 1-2 months.

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