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PC category accounted for 5 percent of Amazon’s record Prime Day item sales

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Amazon has essentially created a new shopping bonanza in the same vein as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, through its Prime Day event that takes place each July. On its fourth annual Prime Day, which concluded yesterday, Amazon again reported records sales, and the PC category contributed to it.

Specifically, of the 100 million items Amazon sold during the 36-hour event, the "PC and accessories" category accounted for 5 million of them. It's not clear how that breaks down in terms of revenue. As it relates to item sales, however, a 5 percent chunk is not insignificant considering the many different categories on Amazon.

Memory cards seemed to be especially popular—SanDisk's Ultra 64GB memory card was one of the top selling items in both Spain and France, and in Belgium, buyers flocked to the 128GB model.

In case you're wondering, Prime Members in the US purchased more 6-quart crock pots, 23 and Me DNA tests, and LifeStraw water filters than anything else. Buyers in the UK preferred a Bosche cordless drill, Philips Hue wireless light strip, and Finish dishwasher tablets.

Prime Day is now over, but if you're itching for a deal, Newegg's competing FantasTECH sales event is still going on. For example, you can still score a 480GB Adata SATA SSD for $74.99 (opens in new tab). Some of the previously expired deals are back as well, notably a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Windforce OC for $449.99 (opens in new tab) (w/ code 18FANST05 and after MIR).

Amazon Prime Day deals (opens in new tab) can be found here.

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Paul Lilly
Paul Lilly

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