Green Man Gaming's top Black Friday deals


GMG Presents a veritable spectrum of great deals over the next 5 days guaranteed to set you up for Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond. Green Thursday kicks off today, but hurry, these offers are valid for just 24 hours only, so snap them up while you can!

With horror classics like the Evil Within to spanking shooters like Wolfenstein and strategy RPGs like Wasteland 2, there’s all manner of fantastic deals, no matter what kind of games you love.

Green Thursday Goodies

The Evil Within (PC digital) – 66% off

Wolfenstein: The New Order (PC digital) – 66% off

Lords of the Fallen Deluxe Edition (PC digital) – 25% off

Wasteland 2 Deluxe (PC digital) – 25% off

• With many more great 24 hour deals available...

Daily Deals

Grab those daily deals while they last and make your friends Green Man Gaming with envy with over 400 titles at up to 90% off. Featuring blazing AAA deals per day from top publishers including Warner, SEGA, Bethesda, Capcom, and SquareEnix. Tempted yet? Check out some of these amazing deals:

• 75% off Batman Arkham Origins

• 75% off The Walking Dead

• 25% off Bastion

• 50% off Alien Isolation

• 75% off Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls

• 75% off Murdered: Soul Suspect

• 75% off Company of Heroes

• 75% off Tomb Raider Game of the Year Edition

There’ll also be fabulous franchise deals changing every 24 hours so keep checking in as we add in more incredible deals which will be updated on the Green Thursday page on a daily basis. We also welcome you to this week's Playfire rewards bulletin for yet more opportunities to play your way to cheaper games.

Sign up to Playfire and link your Steam account to earn GMG credit, vouchers and other great incentives to keep your habit alive. How good is that!

There will be new special Playfire Rewards over the entire weekend. Sorry, No spoilers on these deals but keep an eye on Playfire Rewards where you’ll find details as soon as they’re announced.

That’s it for this week, happy Green Thursday, Black Friday and Blue Monday and we’ll see you next week!