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Get a Samsung QLED 4k TV for less than $500 on Cyber Monday, the lowest-ever price

Amazing 4K TV deal gets you a Samsung QLED TV for less than $500, the lowest ever price
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A QLED 4K Cyber Monday TV deal this good isn't something you see often. Samsung's QLED 4K TVs typically cost a pretty penny, partly because they're powered by quantum dot technology that delivers exceptional picture quality and more vivid colors compared to regular LED screens. But right now, you can get Samsung's 43-inch QLED QN43Q60R (2019 model) TV for only $497.99 at Walmart. That's its lowest-ever price.

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As far as we're aware, this TV has never dipped below $500 before. It normally goes for around $650-$700. 

But Walmart's discounted pricing easily makes this one of the better Cyber Monday deals in general. It's a similar discount to the 65-inch model we already covered  (it's on sale for $997.99 at Walmart, down from its $1,799.99 list price), except the 43-inch version is half the price. 

It's the same display, just smaller and more affordable. Though QLED sets don't have the same black levels as OLED, their peak brightness levels are higher, with some top-range sets hitting 2000 nits.


Samsung 43-inch QLED Smart TV (QN43Q60R) | 4K Quantum Dot | $497.99 (save $302 over list)
This TV doesn't usually sell for its list price, but it does normally go for around $150-$200 more than Walmart's Cyber Monday pricing. Getting a 43-inch QLED quantum dot TV for under $500 is a literal thing of beauty.

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Though it's not high-end, there's still a lot to like about this TV. It offers up a 4K resolution with HDR10 support (no Dolby Vision, unfortunately) as many modern TVs do. Combined with that aforementioned quantum dot tech, this TV is capable of producing rich and vibrant images, all while keeping the action smooth.

It also does well with PC gaming. When the TV's Game Mode is enabled, the response time is unnoticeable, so it's great for PC or console gaming. Outside of gaming, this set also comes with lots of streaming apps, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, YouTube, and more. There's also Apple TV support, so you can easily beam content from your iPhone or iPad, if you own an iOS device. It's an overall fantastic TV at a great price.

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