Frictional's next game teased, involves a big freaky machine somehow

Amnesia developers Frictional Games teased a website entitled over the weekend, featuring a whole lot of nothing except for a loading bar slowly increasing as the hours went on. Well, that bar has filled up to reveal...another tease in the form of some in-fiction text and a video of a woman fiddling about with an almost certainly evil big TV/computer thingy. The game seems to be called SOMA, and based on the font and the decor in that video, I'm picking up a serious SCP /sci-fi vibe.

I've no doubt that this video is the first of many teases - there are seven empty slots in the 'case files' section on the website after all. Only 1% of the 'files' have been 'recovered' yet, so yes, don't expect this ARG-type thing to run out of steam just yet. My wild prediction is that SOMA is a horror game with a near-future setting, featuring an evil/rogue AI and tapping into surveillance/paranoia themes.

That or a MOBA.

Please don't let it be a MOBA.

Here's the first video, entitled Vivarium. It all gets a bit exciting right at the end, when...well, I won't spoil that for you.

Ta, RPS .

Tom Sykes

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