How to complete the Fortnite Wolverine challenges and get the skin

fortnite wolverine challenge
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With Fortnite season 4, Epic has added an entire roster of Marvel characters that you can earn skins for. Chief among these is Wolverine, the clawed X-Men member himself. Even better, it's the yellow and black look (plus a brown "classic" style) that you'd recognize from the comics. Instead of earning the Wolverine skin by leveling up your battle pass, Fortnite players need to finish each Wolverine challenge as they come out. All six challenges are now available, and you'll have to defeat Wolverine, who is now an in-game boss character.

That's easier said than done, so we've whipped up this guide on how to complete the Fortnite Wolverine challenges and get the skin. Then you'll be snikt'ing in no time.

How to start the Fortnite Wolverine challenges

First, you can only access the Wolverine challenges by buying the season 4 battle pass. That obviously gets you access to all the skins (well, the chance to earn them), but it also gets you access to each Marvel characters' "Awakening Challenges" and the Wolverine challenges. Once you've got that, you can always access the Wolverine challenges from the battle pass menu.

Here's a guide for every Wolverine challenge in Fortnite:

Don't forget that you can also get Wolverine's original brown suit as a special skin by completing Wolverine's Awakening Challenges.

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