Fortnite Wolverine challenges: Where to find the loading screen picture at a Quinjet patrol site

fortnite wolverine challenge 2 guide loading screen quinjet
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite's Wolverine challenges are rolling right along, and now players can access the second challenge. Completing this challenge will get you one step closer to earning that iconic Wolverine skin from the season 4 battle pass. The second challenge is a bit of a scavenger hunt, but kind of an easy one,

Here's how to find the loading screen picture at a Quinjet patrol site.

Loading screen picture: Quinjet location

You want to head to one of the several Quinjets that land in random spots around the map. You'll recognize their location by seeing blue smoke rising from their drop spot or just looking on the map for a white jet plane icon.

Once you're there, dodge the Stark robots and their laser fire and duck into the Quinjet itself. Inside, you'll find this reddish loading screen picture featuring Wolverine absolutely wrecking house.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Surprisingly, that's it. This ridiculously easy challenge (aside from the murderous robots) will get you one step closer to that Wolverine skin.

Don't forget that we've got a Wolverine skin challenge guide hub for you to return to when the next challenges drop. You can also check out all our other Fortnite guides and patch notes.

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