All the new Fortnite season 4 skins

fortnite season 4 new skins
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Fancy picking up some Fortnite Season 4 skins? Fortnite Season 4 is here, along with a seriously massive Marvel tie-in. Thor, Iron Man, Groot, and plenty more Marvel characters are now featured as playable characters. Epic teased Thor throughout Season 3, and plenty of leaks hinted at a major collaboration with Marvel, but now we get to assemble a squad of Avengers (and at least one villain) in Fortnite.

I've laid out every new Fortnite Season 4 skin below so you know exactly what your superhero team can look like. Don't forget to also check out the key details in our Fortnite Season 4 patch notes breakdown and everything else in the new Fortnite battle pass.

All the new Fortnite Season 4 skins

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The god of thunder was far from the first Marvel character to appear in Fortnite, but he'll certainly give Deadpool a run for his money as the most celebrated in-game.

Iron Man/Tony Stark

The billionaire/playboy/philanthropist that's headed up Marvel's cinematic universe for a decade is finally in Fortnite. I'm not sure what edition of the Iron Man armor this is, but it looks like a pretty average contemporary suit, as opposed to the multitudes of alternate get-ups Tony Stark drags around with him.

Notably, tier 93 of the battle pass gets you the Tony Stark skin. You'll have to make it all the way to tier 100 and finish Iron Man's Awakening Challenges to earn the actual Iron Man suit, though.

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For once, X-Men fans get a Wolverine who actually sports the original yellow and black suit instead of his all-black movie look. He's this season's Aquaman, though, meaning you'll have to wait for all of his challenges to become available so you can finish them and earn some good old fashioned snikt'ing.

Wolverine's classic outfit, which is basically a more brownish version of his more popular yellow suit, is also available after completing a certain number of challenges. The first is finding three Fortnite mysterious claw marks.

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Everyone's favorite disco-dancing sentient tree, Groot has evidently left his buddies in the Guardians of the Galaxy to team up with some more capable heroes in Fortnite. Obviously, this is the adult version of Groot. God, imagine the hitbox on a baby Groot.

Notably, Groot also gets a built-in emote featuring Rocket. Rocket, who is definitely not a raccoon, flies around Groot's back before returning to his shoulder. That's part of Groot's Awakening challenges, though, so you'll have to work a little for it.


The greatest weather wizard ever known is back, and she's sporting her silver-and-gold outfit from the X-Men 1991 comic, where she was drawn by artist Jim Lee.

Storm also has an alternate 'Punk' style that gives her an absolutely awesome pair of leather jeans, silver shoulder pads, lightning earrings and collar, and a mohawk that would make a NOFX frontman blush.

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She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters

The cousin of Bruce Banner, She-Hulk/Jen Walters has become something of a cult hit. She's also much more strong-willed than Bruce, considering she can transform into She-Hulk at will and retains her intelligence when she does.

Notably, you'll first get her Jennifer Walters alter ego at tier 22, and then She-Hulk at tier 29 after finishing her Awakening challenges.


Mystique certainly proved to be a fan favorite (or at least studio favorite) in the X-Men films, going so far as to be portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in several of the later installments. She's sporting one of her most consistent outfit from the comics, a white-slitted bodysuit.

Incredibly, Mystique's built-in emote (which you get at tier 86 after finishing her challenges) also allows you to steal the identity from an opponent you eliminate. I can't lie, that's just awesome and a really fun technical feat.

If that weren't enough, Mystique also has a 'tactical' style available after finishing a certain amount of challenges.

Dr. Doom

If you're only familiar with the Marvel movies, you'd be forgiven for thinking Dr. Doom AKA Victor von Doom is a bit of a ninny. The Fantastic Four regularly beat him up in the movies, but in the comics, he's one of the biggest threats to all of Marvel's characters.

Doom also comes with a 'god emperor' style, which basically just replaces his dark robes with white ones.

Other Fortnite season 4 skins

Just because Marvel is taking over Fortnite doesn't mean that some other new skins won't be coming. The usual assortment of data miners have dug through Fortnite season 4's files to find out what's eventually coming to the item shop. Take a look below.

As you can see from the tweets above, aside from alternate styles, it looks like each Marvel skin will get a gold, silver, and holo-foil style. What is this, Magic: The Gathering?

There are also three darker skins: 'Dread Omen', 'Dread Fate', and 'Dark Skully'.

It also looks like the Tart Tycoon, the evil apple man that Epic used to parody the real-world Apple company as part of the Free Fortnite Cup announcement, will come to the item shop eventually.

Lucas7Yoshi has also shared a new unnamed starter pack image.

That's it for every new skin in Fortnite season 4, that we know of so far. It's entirely possible that Epic will add other Marvel characters throughout the season. It wouldn't be that farfetched considering how extensively Fortnite has already featured Marvel characters like Deadpool, Captain America, and the X-Force.

Speaking of which, Captain America is nowhere to be seen in the battle pass or item shop yet. He showed up in the middle of season 3 thanks to Thor's Bifrost, but I'm sure he'll show up again.

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