How to complete the Doctor Doom Awakening Challenge in Fortnite

doctor doom awakening challenge
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Fortnite season 4 has given every Marvel character a special set of Awakening Challenges, and the villainous Doctor Doom is no exception. To get Doctor Doom's special "Victory von Doom" emote, which gives Doom a really awesome throne to sit on, you'll have to complete two challenges.

Before you can take on those challenges, though, you'll need to know where to look. That's step one in this guide. Here's how to complete the Doctor Doom Awakening challenge.

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Doctor Doom Awakening Challenge: Doctor Doom statue location

Your first challenge is to visit the Doctor Doom statue, which you're probably already familiar with since it's been around from the start of seaon 4. In case you've forgotten, you'll find the statue in the middle of Doom's Domain, which is really just Pleasant Park with a slight makeover. Remember that you have to do this while using the Doctor Doom skin.

Doctor Doom Awakening Challenge: Where to visit a giant throne as Doctor Doom

Next up, you'll need to visit a giant throne while using the Doctor Doom skin. This giant throne is located south of Retail Row. You'll see it up on the side of the nearby mountain, as a "giant throne" made of stone and trees. Doctor Doom certainly thinks big.

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Doctor Doom Awakening Challenge: Get a Victory Royale as Doctor Doom to unlock emote

First equip the Doctor Doom skin. Then the easiest way to complete this challenge is to just join a Team Rumble game (the 50 vs 50 mode), then emote during the victory royale screen at the end of the match. Any royale mode will work, but the Team Rumble game will at least give you a 50/50 chance rather than one out of 100.

Once you've completed that final challenge, you'll have unlocked Doctor Doom's Victory von Doom emote. It's definitely one of the simpler emotes out of the bunch, but it's still pretty cool nonetheless. Who'd want to mess with a metal mask-wearing nutcase when he's chilling like this?

doctor doom awakening challenge

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