Where to find a Trask transport truck in Fortnite

fortnite trask transport truck location
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The fifth Wolverine challenge has become available in Fortnite season 4, and completing it will get you one step closer to grabbing that awesome Wolverine skin. This week, you need to find a Trask transport truck. These are trucks designed to contain and transport dangerous mutants in the Marvel universe, so it's a pretty beefy vehicle. If you don't know where to look, though, it can be difficult to complete this challenge.

Enter this guide: Here's where to find the Trask transport truck, how to complete the challenge, and even how to get a little bonus XP for your trouble.

Trask transport truck location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You'll find the Trask transport truck northeast of Coral Castle. It's resting on top of another one of those weird bowl-shaped chunks of earth that were transported to the Fortnite universe by Thor's Bifrost powers. It's the large purple truck and container sitting on the short stretch of highway road. Check out the map above if you're still having trouble.

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All you have to do is land near the Trask transport truck and you'll receive a notification that you've completed the challenge. Pretty easy, all things considered.

One thing you'll definitely want to be on the lookout for: If you haven't visited this location before, or just dug around the area, you might have missed the orange XP coin inside the Trask transport truck. Grabbing that XP coin will give you a free 15,000 XP. That's almost as much as some major challenges, and usually these Wolverine challenges don't give you XP, so that's a nice bonus for all your hard work.

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