Thor Awakening Challenge guide: How to get the God of Thunder emote in Fortnite

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Fortnite season 4 features a ton of new challenges for each Marvel character available in the battle pass, including Thor, the God of Thunder, Son of Odin, and Fabio-esque heartthrob. The Thor Awakening Challenges are your ticket to getting Thor's special God of Thunder emote, which turns Thor into a lightning-infused Super Saiyan version of himself. Not bad as far as skins go.

Finishing those challenges is easier said than done. It'll require you complete a few challenges before you can earn the built-in emote. We've whipped up this guide to each Thor Awakening Challenge to show you how to not only get the God of Thunder emote, but also get Mjolnir, Thor's epic hammer, as a harvesting tool.

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Step one: The Mjolnir Awakening Challenge

Before you can actually start the Thor Awakening Challenges, you need to finish the Mjolnir Awakening Challenge. Thankfully, there's only one of these, so we can get it out of the way pretty quickly. You might have already finished it, in fact.

All you have to do to finish the Mjolnir Awakening challenge is find Thor's hammer in a crater south of Salty Spring. Simply interact with the hammer to acquire it. You can use it as a harvesting tool for any character now. Hang on to it. You'll need it for the next challenges.

Thor Awakening Challenges

Now for the actual challenges you need to finish in order to get that God of Thunder emote.

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Challenge 1: Go to the Bifrost rune marks. You'll find these on a hill directly east of Weeping Woods by a small log cabin. Here's where to look on the map above.

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Challenge 2: Deal 100 damage with Mjolnir as your harvest tool. The easiest way would be to hunt down one of the AI opponents like the Stark robots, though I haven't tested that works. The other way is to try to come in near the end of someone else's fight and beat up the victor with Mjolnir. I managed to get the 100 damage necessary with just one elimination, but it might take you two if that player is already badly wounded.

Challenge 3: Emote at the Mountaintop Ruins as Thor. You'll find this mountain south of Misty Meadows, and at the top will be a series of Nordic-looking stone slabs sticking out of the ground. Just emote in front of that and you'll automatically complete the challenge.

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Once you've used the God of Thunder emote at the mountaintop ruins, you'll have successfully completed the Thor Awakening Challenges. Now you can summon the lightning anytime you want and turn Thor into a much more sparky version of himself, surely terrifying your opponents.

We've also got guides for She-Hulk and Groot's Awakening Challenges. She-Hulk's lets you turn Jennifer Walters into the muscly green heroine, while Groot's gets you a special emote that makes Rocket the Raccoon hang out on your back.

Don't forget that there are also a number of Wolverine skin challenges coming, which we'll be writing guides for as well once they release.

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