How to launch off all Sentinel hands without touching the ground in Fortnite

launch off all sentinel hands
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The Fortnite Wolverine challenges are rolling on, and with the arrival of week 4, you've got yet another challenge to complete if you want that Wolverine skin. This week, you need to "launch off all Sentinel hands without touching the ground." As you can imagine, this Wolverine challenge will require you to go to the Sentinel graveyard that was introduced at the start of season 4.

But if you're wondering just what order to do all that jumping, we've got you covered. Here's how to launch off all Sentinel hands without touching the ground.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Check out the map above for the Sentinel graveyard location. It's just west of Lazy Lake.

So you might be asking yourself, how exactly do you launch off all the sentinel hands without touching the ground? It's harder than it looks because the hands are all in peculiar positions, some angled, and it isn't completely obvious how to approach this. The hands all act as launch pads, so a bit of this is luck and good timing.

Our best recommendation is to build a ramp up to this Sentinel's hand. He's falling off the hill, so he's reaching out, making his hand have a weird angle closer to the ground. Build a short ramp up to this hand and jump towards his palm.

launch off all sentinel hands

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You'll be sent rocketing forward. Now this took me a couple tries, but I had the most success when I just simply let inertia and gravity do their thing. You really can only screw it up if you try to change your trajectory yourself.

Ideally, you'll bounce across several Sentinel hands, and once you hit them all, you'll get the challenge completed notification.

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Keep in mind that the Sentinel graveyard will be a fairly popular location this week while everyone is trying to complete the challenge. I myself spotted at least five other players dropping at the same point when I tried. Hopefully, people will let others be and just try to complete  the challenge, but make sure you don't get eliminated haphazardly.

That's that. Another Wolverine challenge done. Challenge 5 will unlock during, you guessed it, the Thursday of week 5. Don't forget to check out the rest of the Wolverine challenges if you're still missing one. We've also got Awakening Challenge guides for all battle pass characters like Iron Man, Groot, and Storm, and all our other Fortnite guides and news.

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