Fortnite vase locations: Where to emote after smashing a vase as Jennifer Walters and get the She-Hulk skin

fortnite vase locations jennifer walters awakening challenge she-hulk
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The final Jennifer Walters Awakening Challenge in Fortnite season 4 can be a doozy if you don't know where to look. Season 4 allows players to earn the superhero skins of each Marvel character, so long as they complete all of that hero's Awakening Challenges and level up their battle pass.

For this final Jennifer Walters Awakening Challenge, you need to emote after breaking a vase while having the Jennifer Walters skin equipped. But where can you find a vase? That's a harder question than some might realize, as there are only a few specific locations with a vase that will work to complete this challenge. Once you complete this challenge, you'll have officially unlocked the She-Hulk skin.

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Vase location: Camp Cod

The easiest vase to find is the one at Cape Cod. Cape Cod is located in the southern region of the Fortnite map, as you can see on the map above.

Also on the map above, the blue arrow indicates the location in Cape Cod that you'll find a large blue-ish vase to smash. It's resting in a clearing near the center of the island, where the arrow is pointing. If you're a little lost, look for the yellow umbrella and it's near there.

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Simply smash the vase with your harvesting tool of choice, then open your emote wheel. You'll see all your regular emotes have been temporarily removed, and replaced with She-Hulk's Gamma Overload emote.

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The emote allows Jennifer Walters to transform from the studious lawyer she normally is into the heroic She-Hulk, complete with purple tights and flowing green hair. Bruce Banner's got nothing on Ms. Walters.

Now you can access that emote anytime you play as the Jennifer Walters skin, turning into (and out of) She-Hulk whenever you like. Prefer to bash some skulls in or litigate with a vengeance? Now you can do both.

If you need help with other challenges, we've got a ton of Fortnite guides, including guides for every other Jennifer Walters Awakening Challenge. We've also got the Wolverine skin challenge guide, if you want to pick up this season's hottest cosmetic.

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