Fortnite Season 4: All mythic weapons locations

Fortnite season 4 and its Marvel event might not be for everyone, but it's certainly making for incredibly interesting mythic weapons. Rather than just special guns held by boss characters, each season 4 mythic weapon is actually themed on a Marvel character you can find in the season 4 battle pass.

Here's how to get every mythic weapon in Fortnite season 4 and how to use them. Also make sure to check the bottom of this guide for info on leaked hero abilities that haven't been added to Fortnite yet.

fortnite season 4 mythic weapons

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How to get mythic weapons in Fortnite season 4

Things are a little different this time around. Rather than traveling to a POI and defeating a boss like in season 3, you'll want to follow the Quin-Jets that rocket past the battle bus at the start of each match. They'll land in semi-random locations around the map, spawning Stark security bots that will fire on you just like marauders and guards from previous seasons. Doctor Doom's and Iron Man's mythic weapons are the exception, which we'll explain further down.

You can spot each Quin-Jet either by the blue column of smoke emanating from them or by looking at the map for a small white jet icon.

Once you land there, take out the Stark bots (or just avoid them), and then look for the hovering robots holding small packages in the air. You'll need to shoot them down, then interact with the fallen loot, and they'll give you one of several mythic weapons.

The drops seem to be pretty random. About half of the boxes I've shot down have just had rare-tier weapons in it, which is nice, but not exactly preferred.

fortnite iron man location

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Iron Man's repulsor gauntlets and unibeam

Iron Man has been added as a boss character as of the 14.10 update, and you'll find him at the Stark Industries location in the northeast section of the map. It's that giant new landmass that replaced Frenzy Farm.

Iron Man's repulsor gauntlets rapidly fire bursts of energy, similar to the Stark Rifle.

His unibeam is the real champion here. It shoots out a giant laser beam from your chest that's capable of dealing an immense amount of damage to enemies or structures. I've seen it destroy several yards worth of floor and wall in one burst.

The downside is that the unibeam has a 30-second cooldown, which means every shot counts.

Defeating Iron Man will also give you the boost jump ability, allowing you to fly and float through the air more than you normally would have.

fortnite season 4 mythic weapons

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Groot's Bramble Shield

Groot's Bramble Shield, seen in the battle pass trailer, is a giant hamster ball made of tree branches/Groot's body (ew...) that can defend against enemy attacks and lightly damage enemies it hits. You can hop into the air with it, and cancel it early if you want. It lasts roughly six seconds.

fortnite season 4 mythic weapons

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Silver Surfer's Board

Silver Surfer's board, which can be found in those Quin-Jet crates, launches you into the air and automatically whips out a glider in the form of Silver Surfer's, what else, silver surfboard. It's great for escaping from a sticky situation. Silver Surfer's Board has a 25 second cooldown.

fortnite season 4 mythic weapons

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Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb

Doctor Doom's big ol' bomb is basically a throwable projectile that does incredible damage. When I went up against Doom himself, he got me in one blast, although I may have been roughed up a bit already from his henchmen. It also has a 25 second cooldown.

Doom is located in the new Doom's Domain POI, which is basically a repurposed Pleasant Park. It's one of the very few new areas in the game. You'll find Doom at the north end of Pleasant Park/Doom's Domain in a house that's been partially rebuilt to resemble a castle. Careful though, as this place is swarming with guards.

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Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets

Surprise, the nefarious Doctor Doom actually has two mythic weapon abilities. Besides the splash damage of his bomb, he also has a more straightforward energy beam attack. You pick this up the same way, by eliminating Doctor Doom's at Doom's Domain.

fortnite season 4 mythic weapons

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Stark Industries Energy Rifle

Not specifically a mythic weapon, but certainly a decent one. These rifles are carried by the Stark robots that emerge from the Quin Jets around the map. The Stark rifle is a blue rarity weapon, and works a lot like a single-shot marksman rifle.

Other abilities

A number of other Marvel hero (and villain) abilities have leaked, thanks to the work of data miners like HYPEX.

HYPEX also discovered that Venom, the Spider-Man villain and alien lifeform that infects its hosts, also has an ability coming.

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