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Outland announced for PC, will be on Steam later this month

It's been a good week for things unexpectedly coming to PC. Final Fantasy IV arrived while no-one was looking. Final Fantasy XIII was announced while everyone was looking. Metal Gear Collection isn't coming to PC, but only because it's clothes . Here's another: Outland, the Housemarque developed "polarity-switching" platformer. It'll now land on Steam at the end of the month, on 29 September.

Here's a short trailer to set the scene:

If you know what Ikaruga is, the easiest way to describe Outland is "it's Ikaruga but a platformer". If you don't know what Ikaruga is, then I should probably try a bit harder. Outland is a 2D platfomer in which you can switch colours between blue and red. All enemies and projectiles are one of these two colours, and you can't be harmed by same-coloured objects. Similarly, you can't harm same-coloured objects, and so will need to continuously switch in order to make it across the Metroidvania-style world.

I played it years ago, and broadly enjoyed it—some shitty boss fights aside. According to Housemarque , the Steam version will bring new campaign co-op and an improved checkpoint system.

It's an unexpected but pleasant announcement, then. Outland will cost $10/€10/£7 on release.

Phil Savage
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