Battlefield 4, Mass Effect 3 and SimCity among Origin's Black Friday deals

I'm starting to realise it would be easier to list the distributors not currently holding a Black Friday sale. Even so, we'll give Origin the spotlight for a second. After all, their sale does have some good discounts on a selection of EA games, and, let's be honest, people are hardly going to check Origin's store page unprompted. Now you've had that prompt, head over for up to 66% off certain games, including 40% off Battlefield 4.

Not all of the games are cheap cheap, largely thanks to Origin's launch prices being... well, "premium" would be the diplomatic way of putting it. Batshit insane would be another. Still, there are a few nice prices to enjoy:

[Sorry for the UK-centric prices, but Origin is even more of a jerk for hiding regional pricing than Steam.]

  • Battlefield 4 - £27

  • SimCity - £22.50

  • FIFA 14 - £28

  • Battlefield 3 - £6

  • Battlefield 3 (+ Premium) - £14

  • The Sims 3 - £15

  • The Sims 3: Expansion #1-23,462 - £Various

  • Crysis 3 - £6

  • Dead Space 3 - £6

  • Mass Effect 3 - £4

  • Mass Effect Trilogy - £16

  • C&C: Ultimate Collection - £10

  • Dragon Age: Origins, Ultimate Edition - £10

  • Dragon Age 2 - £6

Origin is being a touch temperamental right now, but you can try your luck by visiting the sale page .


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