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Football Manager 2014 video shows match engine footage

Football Manager 2014

If football is a game of two halves, football managing is a chaotic, multi-segmented mess. There's the dealing with spoilt millionaires half, the pretending to care about the board of directors half, the not admitting that thing you did to the press half. Somewhere, among all these many jobs, there's the actual bit of the game where football is played. And that is the subject of this first video of Football Manager 2014 in action.

It's a still work-in-progress look at the upcoming management sequel's 3D match engine, with commentary by Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson. For more on Football Manager 2014, check out our interview with Jacobson , where you'll learn what the developers are hoping to achieve.

Football Manager 2014 is due out before the end of the year.

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