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These ultra-chic Samsung 'Frame' TVs are as much as $600 off for Cyber Monday

The Frame TV
(Image credit: Samsung)

To keep a steady flow of Cyber Monday TV deals going, Samsung has cut hundreds of dollars off its 'Frame' line of 4K, 120 Hz QLED TVs, with the smallest 32-inch version coming in at $479.99 on sale, and the 55-incher down to $1099.99. If the name didn't give it away, these high-end TVs mount flat against a wall and look like framed paintings—and you can display art on them when you're not using them by putting them in Art Mode.

Tired: "I don't even own a TV."
Wired: "I own a TV but it looks like a Chagall painting."

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday 2020 deals: the place to go for the all the best Cyber Monday bargains.

Every size of The Frame is on sale, all the way up to the 75-incher, which will run you $2199.99 right now. Earlier this month, that 75-inch set was going for $2799.99, so that's $600 off. I love seeing a TV deal that's actually a deal (often they'll mark down from an absurdly high list price that the TV never actually sells at), although obviously this is still an expensive set.

The more reasonable mid-sized 55-inch Frame TV is on sale for $1099.99, which is $400 off its list price, and $300 off what it was actually retailing for a couple weeks ago—so, another true deal, and 55-inches is a nice size for the average room. 

The Frame TV | 55-inch | QLED | 4K|  $1,499.99

The Frame TV | 55-inch | QLED | 4K| $1,499.99 $1,099.99 at Samsung
A beautiful premium TV that will sit flat against your wall or an an easel-like stand, this 120Hz 4K display is for those who want their living room or gaming space to look like 

The caveat here is that, even when discounted, these chic TVs aren't cheap. If you're not trying to make your house, apartment, or bedroom look like an art gallery you might find in a South of Market San Francisco alleyway, then you may be better off looking for other Cyber Monday TV deals available right now.

I have to admit that, while I wasn't even thinking of buying a TV anytime in the next year, these are fancy enough that I momentarily considered it, my justification being that a quality framed giclée art print can often cost $300 or more, and this kills two birds with one stone, also being a TV. Buying one would almost be like saving money, right?

Right. Except, not at all. If you want to compare prices a bit, here are some more TV deals to check out:

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