The Origin Black Friday sale is now underway

Don't let the fact that this is Tuesday keep you from enjoying some fine Black Friday bargains, such as those now listed over on Origin. EA's digital storefront is teasing deals of up to 75 percent off on titles including Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront, and a pile of others. 

Among the highlights are Titanfall 2 for $40 and Battlefield 1 for $40, Star Wars Battlefront for $15, Rainbow Six Siege also at $25, and The Division for $35. Oldies-but-goodies like Dragon Age: Origins, the original Dead Space, and Crysis have all been cut back, and the Medal of Honor reboot is half price too. (I wouldn't bother with that one, though.)

EA also announced that Origin users now have the ability to create wishlists and purchase games as gifts for others. Go to the relevant product page, hit the drop-down link on the "Buy" button, and then select either buy for myself, add to wishlist, or purchase as a gift, as the situation dictates. You can access your wishlist directly from the "View" menu in the Origin software. 

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