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Thanksgiving sales and the PC Gamer Rig


How much money could you save by buying the PC Gamer Rig this week, thanks to the various Black Friday bargains that are going around? Are PC components even included in any of these seasonal fire sales?

To find out, we've done the shopping around for you.

Yes, Black Friday was technically yesterday, but the whole phenomenon is a relatively new one on these shores and I'm really only just starting to be aware of it. Besides, it seems to be more of a week long event than just one now, and this weekend is really when the bargains are to be found.

So if you're looking to build or upgrade your PC before Christmas, today could be the best day to do it.

A reminder – the PC Gamer Rig is our desktop for the average gamer. It's not the fastest PC you can build, or the cheapest, but it is the one that we think is the best possible value and will comfortably play any game now and in the foreseeable future for £1000/$1500.

As thorough as I've been in deal hunting, though, I'm fairly sure you can find some better. Any tips for other readers gratefully received in the comments below.

What's in the Rig?


Intel Core i5 2500K

£155.99 (opens in new tab) / $199.99 (opens in new tab)

An unlocked Sandy Bridge quad core, capable of all the top end features but hyperthreading.


Gigabyte Z68AP-D3

£76.99 (opens in new tab) / $109.99

An awesome Z68 board, comes with mSATA connectors for mini SSDs and Intel's caching technology.


Crucial Ballistic Sport/G.Skill Ripjaws X

£45.59 (opens in new tab) / $44.99 (opens in new tab)

Eight gigabytes of fast 1600MHz DDR3.

3D Card

GeForce GTX 560Ti

£152.48 (opens in new tab) / $239.49 (opens in new tab)

Curiously, prices for the 560Ti have gone up in the US this week, but down in the UK. Is old stock being cleared out for something new...?

Hard drive

Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB

£38.09 / $109.99 (opens in new tab)

Short supply of hard drives means you'll probably have to settle for a lot less storage than you're used to.

DVD drive


£13.64 / $21.99 (opens in new tab)

Fast DVD writers are pretty much generic these days, and there's no real argument for spending any more.


BitFenix Shinobi

£51.59 (opens in new tab) / $64.99

Easy access to all components and not too noisy either, our favourite budget case looks better than others too.

Power supply


£56.99 / $74.99.00

A decent 650W PSU that's rated well for efficiency. The minimum you should try to get away with.


Logitech G400

£26.03 (opens in new tab) / $34.99 (opens in new tab)

Classic Logitech style in a brand new mouse, this 3600dpi mouse is comfortable and precise.


Microsoft SideWinder X4

£9.97 / $48.24

This is currently less than £10. There is nothing more to say.



£139.96 (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)/ $249.99

Some of you think that an IPS screen is no good for gaming because of low response times. You are wrong.

Total: £797.31/$1234.96

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