PlanetSide 2 launches "Operation: Make Faster Game," which aims to make the game faster

Really, SOE? You're calling your plan to increase PlanetSide 2's performance "Operation: Make Faster Game"? That's not how you do operation names. You don't see military-minded nations announce Operation: Invade That Country Over There. And, as far as I know, the police have never made mass arrests under the banner of Operation: Lock Up Some Crims. Okay, so maybe I'm focusing on the wrong part of this behind-the-scenes video, and its showcased team's stated aim of further optimising the MMOFPS.

As great as a commitment to improving the game's performance is, I can't imagine many being glued to the coming updates. Developers discussing UI refresh rates, multi-core utilisation, and nano-giblet barrier rubdowns - or whatever almost any of the words in that video were - doesn't exactly make for thrilling reality television.

Still, given the continual cries to make PlanetSide: The Sequel a quicker, more responsive beast, it's understandable that SOE would want to loudly herald that it's happening. Now they've done that, I look forward to when it has happened, but I might skip the documentary showing how it did.