The PC Gaming Show is coming to E3 2018

Today we're excited to announce the date and ticket information for this year's PC Gaming Show, the annual E3 showcase of exciting, unrevealed games and hardware coming to PC. This year we'll be broadcasting on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and Steam on Monday, June 11 at 3 PM Pacific. Watch along at or see all the trailers, interviews, and segments on, where we'll be publishing everything as it happens.

As always, our pal Sean "Day[9]" Plott will host, and if you're near Los Angeles or will be in town for E3, you can attend the event for free. This show will be at The Wiltern, a gorgeous theater and art deco landmark that looks like it could be part of Rapture from BioShock, if, you know, Rapture hadn't descended into devastation and chaos. Reserve your ticket now at

Day[9] interviews Jordan Weisman and Mitch Gitelman of Harebrained Schemes, the creators of BattleTech, at the PC Gaming Show in 2017.

This year's PC Gaming Show will have more unannounced games, unrevealed trailers, and new footage than any previous year. For the past several months we've been hard at work on the event, knocking on the inboxes of everyone in the industry to see what they can bring to the stage. I think you'll be excited to see who shows up. 

When we started the PC Gaming Show 2015, we had no clue how to put on an E3 event, but we felt strongly that our hobby deserved its own stage. PC gaming needed a moment on the calendar when some of the most talented people making games and hardware gathered to celebrate how great our platform is. Thanks for the support you've shown us by watching each year and for your feedback, which has helped us make this thing better each year.

Special thanks to this year's sponsors: Oculus Rift, Acer, Improbable, Tripwire Interactive, Stardock Entertainment, Frontier, Team 17, and Drake's Cakes, without which PC gaming wouldn't have an official E3 presence. See you next month!