Ooblets go to battle by busting sweet dance moves in a new trailer

Ooblets, the super-cute farming and creature-collecting game from developer Glumberland and publisher Double Fine, showed us a new and exclusive trailer on the PC Gaming Show at E3. On the show, we finally learned how the Ooblets you collect do battle with each other—and it's with dance moves.

The exclusive trailer, which you can see above, shows two fierce Ooblets facing off. Well, one is a bit fierce, or is at least scowling. The other is holding an ice cream cone and smiling. Clearly, they're about to throw down when two giant boomboxes appear and a crowd of excited onlookers rushes over. It's a dance-off, with sweet dance moves doing 'damage' or at least knocking the other dancer back a few steps. As with everything about Ooblets, it's adorable.

The trailer also shows a bit of town life, some farming, crafting, and lots and lots of cuddly critters. Ooblets is aiming for a release by the end of 2018.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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