Get a fresh look at Anno 1800 with this world exclusive trailer

Ubisoft BlueByte brought the latest entry in its long-running city builder/strategy series to the PC Gaming Show today. Kicking off with the world exclusive trailer approach, the studio's executive producer Burkhard Ratheiser and community developer Bastian Thun explained how deeply the game is informed by the series' dedicated community, why this is such a rich setting for the game (two industrial revolutions!) and what that means for the latest entry.

Anno Union is a scheme that invites players to become part of the development team, helping them redo 1800's late game based on their feedback. They welcome strategy players to join in here.

Anno 1800 was announced at Gamescom 2017, and will be the first entry set in the past rather than the future since 2009's Anno 1404. Expect a story-based mode, a customisable sandbox and multiplayer functionality. 

It's due out on PC later this year. 

Samuel Roberts
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