5 rules of PC gaming etiquette according to Webster, the gamer duck!


Meet Webster, the mascot for Drake's Cakes, and notable attendee at the 4th annual PC Gaming Show at E3 last month. Webster is an all-around cool duck and is most known for his love of tasty treats and goofing off. When he’s not in the kitchen whipping up a delicious Funny Bone Fantasy Layer Cake, he enjoys his new favorite hobby of PC gaming; however, he still has a lot to learn. While he prefers playing with a controller in one hand and stuffing his face with Yodels in the other, he knows there is a lot more he can learn when it comes to being the ultimate gamer duck. Check out Webster's journey to learn proper gaming etiquette below. 

Rule #1: Don't eat into your gaming headset

Rule #2: Be a good sport

Rule #3: Don't spam

Rule #4: Pay attention and cooperate

Rule #5: Just have fun

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