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See Hunt: Showdown's new crossbows and wet, wormy monster in the latest update trailer

Hunt: Showdown, our favorite game of E3 2017, is getting a nice package of new items, including an awful new monster. Just announced at the PC Gaming Show, here's everything the impending update includes:

The vintage crossbow: It's a crossbow! Nothing too surprising, but skilled, stealthy players will appreciate that it doesn't alert every monster and enemy player to your position. Bolts can be retrieved once fired, too.

Throwing knives: A new consumable item, throwing knives can be used for one match. Carried in addition to primary and secondary weapons, they're great for silent, close quarters kills. Knives can also be retrieved from corpses and surfaces once thrown. 

The hand crossbow: A small version of the vintage crossbow, but categorized as a pistol. It probably won't be as efficient over long distances as the vintage, but as a stealthy sidearm, it can make your hunter a bit more adaptable to different playstyles. Bolts retrievable, too. 

Stick explosive bombs: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Throw it, and it sticks to whatever it hits. Based on close scrutiny of the trailer, it appears they also explode. Curious. 

The Water Devil: Hunt is getting a new monster in the Water Devil, a wormy, tentacled thing that attacks players in swamps and bayous. It is gross. I do not like it. 

We're still without a time and day for the update, but we'd expect it sometime this summer. Hunt: Showdown is available in Early Access now, and while the performance could still use some work and there are plenty of bugs to fix, we like it a lot

James Davenport
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