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Check out Hitman 2's dazzling Miami level in this new trailer

IO Interactive announced a new Hitman last week, and today the studio's game director Jacob Mikkelsen joined us at the PC Gaming Show to demonstrate Agent 47 doing his thing in the game's Miami level. It's one of six detailed and sprawling new stages coming in Hitman 2, and the possibilities are already exciting. Check out the brand new trailer, which spotlights some of what to expect. 

You'll throw more objects than ever before. You'll dress up as a signalman and shoot cars off the road. You'll wander through outrageously lavish environments. You'll blow up the winners' podium. This sure looks like the Hitman we know and love. 

Hitman 2 is due out on November 13th. Pre-ordering now gets you access to the Sniper Assassin Mode straight away. 

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