Satisfactory is a factory-builder that echoes Ark, Subnautica, Factorio

In March, Coffee Stain Studios revealed Satisfactory—the Goat Simulator and Sanctum developer's next game, whose brief teaser trailer combined wildlife and workmen. As showcased at today's PC Gaming Show, we now know Satisfactory is a first-person, single and multiplayer factory-builder that echoes everything from Ark: Survival Evolved to Subnautica, No Man's Sky and Factorio.

It's got another trailer, too. Check that out below.

Billed as Coffee Stain's most ambitious project yet, players fill the shoes of an inquisitive engineer sent into space to work on a "massive and mysterious project". From there, you'll transform an idyllic alien planet into a working and, hopefully, thriving environment. 

Despite its scope for exploration, it's all about the factory, so says the dev, with survival a secondary concern. The below trailer suggests things start off small, but its potential sprawling scale is teased from the 1.20 mark—whereby resources are whisked around by train, buggy and spacecraft.   

With that, Satisfactory marks a distinct shift in direction from Coffee Stain's previous work. It's without a hard release date for now, but a Satisfactory closed alpha is "coming soon". Check out the website.