Star Control: Origins teases new in-game footage, is releasing in September

Stardock is a sponsor of the PC Gaming Show at E3. 

Stardock, the studio responsible for Sins of a Solar Empire and Ashes of the Singularity, announced its Star Control reboot way back in 2013. Three years later, Star Control: Origins was officially revealed and, two years after that, new in-game footage was teased at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2018. 

Hang on a minute, that's today. Observe:

Equipped with both hyperspace and solar system travel, Star Control: Origins is a space-flung, open-universe ARPG that bucks Stardock's typical real-time strategy leanings. Set in an isolated region of space, players are given "complete freedom to choose paths" within a "truly story-driven universe" where outcomes are dictated by your decisions. 

You'll solve mysterious, quests and missions. You'll explore the vast expanse on your lonesome, and engage in multiplayer battles. And, like any space role-player worth its salt, you'll save the universe. No pressure, mate. 

Fancy that? Star Control: Origins—a reboot of Toys for Bob and Accolade's 1990 sci-fi RPG—is due September 20, 2018 on Steam, GOG and the Stardock website. It'll cost $39.99 when it lands.