Five new Steam games you probably missed this week

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Steam Page
Released: January 27
Developer: 10tons Ltd
Publisher: Fish Eagle
Price: $17.99

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a “top-down twin stick arena shooter” by the studio responsible for Neon Chrome and Crimsonland. You play as legendary inventor Nikola Tesla, who has been slighted by HP Lovecraft – the latter naturally accompanied by the types of eldritch creatures common in his stories. It’s a fast-paced, reflex-oriented affair, and it supports couch cooperative play. Definitely a game to look into if you’ve ever wondered who’d win a battle between the inventor of the lightbulb and the father of Cthulhu. 

Still Not Dead

Steam Page
Released: January 25
Developer: Greg Sergeant
Publisher: Flying Interactive
Price: $9.99

Originally released into Early Access last year, the now complete Still Not Dead is an FPS rogue-like which takes its gunplay cues from Doom. Except, of course, there’s random level generation and perma-death. The Steam page describes it as “Doom + Nuclear Throne” and the trailer embedded above pretty much drives that point home. There’s 30-odd weapons and items, more than 40 “blessings and curses that change the game as you play”, plus destructive environments and, importantly, lots of monsters to shoot to death. There’s no shortage of rogue-likes on Steam, even quite a few rogue-like FPSes, but if you’re a fan of the genre this one looks fun.

Super Slime Arena

Steam Page
Released: January 24
Developer: JellyTeam
Publisher: JellyTeam
Price: $14.99

Yet another multiplayer arena brawler, though this one has a bright and cheerful pixel art aesthetic that I’m drawn to. It seems to play like a very simplified version of Smash Bros – there’s 32 playable slimes, and each have their own ability. When you die on the field (with one hit, mind you), you respawn as a totally random slime, so familiarity with each of the 32 abilities will be important. Aside from that twist, it looks like a pretty easy game to boot up if you’ve got friends around, with its two-button simplicity. It can be played both locally and online.


Steam Page
Released: January 25
Developer: Matt Makes Games Inc.
Publisher: Matt Makes Games Inc.
Price: $19.99

You probably didn’t miss Celeste, since it was among the most talked about indies to release last week, but a) it’s a really slow week for games you might have missed and b) Celeste is amazing. From the creators of Towerfall, it’s a twitch-oriented platformer with an engaging narrative and a difficulty curve that feels just right. If you’re adept at platformers, you’ll probably finish the game within eight or so hours, but there’s plenty of ultra-hard, optional b-sides to play through (I spent the weekend doing this and now I’m tense). Anyway, here’s my full review.

Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds

Steam Page
Released: January 25
Developer: Semisoft
Publisher: Mayflower Entertainment
Price: $24.99

Another retro-styled JRPG, but unlike the kajillions of RPG Maker titles flooding Steam, Legrand Legacy seems to take its inspiration from the PS2 era. All the usual trappings are here, with turn-based combat, crafting, grinding, interminable dialogue and a garden variety of JRPG grandiosity. It might be a bit of fun if you’re craving a PC JRPG, though there aren’t really a lack of them nowadays. 

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Shaun Prescott

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