Five new Steam games you probably missed this week

My Lovely Daughter 

Steam Page
Released: March 9
Developer: GameChanger Studio
Publisher: Toge Productions, Another Indie
Price: $14.99

It’s difficult to describe My Lovely Daughter more accurately than its Steam description, which claims it’s “a game about overcoming the loss of a loved one through forbidden alchemy experiments ... and murder.” This loved one is the nominal daughter, who protagonist Faust must bring back to life using alchemy. As such, you’ll be experimenting with all manner of “forbidden” alchemy, and you’ll also be micromanaging your errand-running homunculi (tiny 16 century-era fictional people, basically). It’s definitely a unique concept for what is described as a “sim”, and the art style is beautiful as well.


Steam Page
Released: March 8
Developer: Snowcastle Games
Publisher: Snowcastle Games
Price: $29.99

Originally released in 2016, Earthlock is an “extended and upgraded” re-release of what was formerly called Earthlock: Festival of Magic. This new edition is, according to the studio, “in many respects a brand new game”, with RPG stuff like weapons and equipment crafting, new side quests, new creatures, NPCs and more added. For those who never caught wind of the 2016 Earthlock, it’s a Western-developed JRPG that provides a stiff challenge. Combat is turn-based, and the skill tree takes the form of a “talent board” here, which shakes the ye olde formula up. Whatever the case, hopefully this revamped version of the game improves on the original.

Super Benbo Quest: Turbo Deluxe 

Steam Page
Released: March 9
Developer: Thumbletack
Publisher: Thumbletack
Price: $6.99

This week’s 2D platformer pits an “anime girl” against skeletons. These skeletons have come from hell, the gates to which have (rather inconveniently) been opened. Using your fists, you’re tasked with punching the skeletons until they’re even more dead. As you can probably gather from the trailer above, this game doesn’t take itself very seriously, and whether it appeals depends on whether you loved or loathed the kind of awkward collage-like art style of games like I Wanna Be The Guy (this doesn’t use collages, but still looks kinda similar). “So bad that it wraps around to being perfect,” writes one reviewer on Steam. 

Wild Glory 

Steam Page
Released: March 9
Developer: Manalith Studios
Publisher: LAJE Studio
Price: $2.99

Local multiplayer games pop up in their droves on Steam, despite the market feeling utterly saturated, and despite one needing IRL friends to make it worthwhile. Wild Glory is the newest, and it kinda looks like Towerfall if it took place in an isometrically-viewed coliseum. There are five modes, ranging deathmatch-style PvP, through to horde mode-style PvE (you’re fending off lions). It may be hard to get enthusiastic about couch / party games in 2018, but the trailer for this convinced me it’d be worth spending the $3, in the event I ever made some friends.


Steam Page
Released: March 8
Developer: Amanita Design
Publisher: Amanita Design
Price: $9.99

Here’s a new point-and-click adventure by the creators of Machinarium and Samorost. This time you’re following hero Chuchel, who wants a precious cherry. Only, his rival Kekel also wants it. Who will get it? Amanita is one of the best studios working in this field, capable as they are of genuinely funny moments. “Joyful and surprising, even when you're cracking open an anthropomorphised egg,” wrote Phil in his review

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