Five new Steam games you probably missed this week

 Dead Maze 

 Steam Page
Released: February 14
Developer: Atelier 801
Publisher: Atelier 801
Price: Free

After three years in development, this 2D isometric MMO hit Steam last month to generally positive reception. It’s a cooperative game, with players required to collaborate in the murder of (wait for it) zombies in order to scavenge for resources, survive, and become better equipped to kill even more zombies. So it’s a neat action MMO, and its clean cartoon art style will probably be the deciding factor for whether you want to try this free-to-play game. You’ll need to manage things like hunger, thirst and fatigue, and there’s a whole camp building element where you can customise and decorate a little zombie apocalypse pad all of your own. It’s only a 250MB download, so it won’t take long to at least sample these wares.


 Steam Page
Released: February 14
Developer: Lucas Molina
Publisher: Lucas Molina
Price: $6.99

All modern roguelikes have a twist, and if they don’t have a twist, that itself is the twist. But Roguemance has a louder twist than others: each combat scenario is a date with a procedurally generated companion. In the developer’s words: “combat is where you get to know them and find out if they are a good fit for you. Compromise or die!” You’ll be doing this on the heart-shaped island known as Heartipelago (cute), and if you love pixel-art, you’ll probably be sold on the vibrant, pastel hues seen within. 


 Steam Page
Released: February 15
Developer: Piece of Cake Studios
Publisher: Piece of Cake Studios
Price: $19.99

Just out of Early Access, Hacktag is a 2-player cooperative game focused on stealthily infiltrating sci-fi environments for (no doubt nerfarious) corporations, played from an isometric point of view. There are two classes, the Stealth Agent or the Hacker Agent, and each has a different view of proceedings based on the nature of their playstyle. Cooperative play can be had both online and locally, and while the focus appears to be on multiplayer, there is a single-player mode which allows you to take control of both agents. “In 2029, in a parallel world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, you are a mercenary who secretly accomplishes missions for corporations struggling for leadership. To succeed you will have to team-up with a partner and infiltrate corporations.” Did I mention there were anthropomorphic animals for some reason?

 Ambition of the Slimes 

 Steam Page
Released: February 16
Developer: altairworks
Publisher: Flyhigh Works, CIRCLE Entertainment
Price: $4.99

This is an isometric tactics RPG reminiscent of games like Disgaea, except you play as slimes, “the weakest of RPG characters” according to the developer's blurb. So as you can probably imagine, it’s not an easy game: bouncing slimes are first against the wall in most fantasy RPGs. While the game hasn’t had a rapturous response on Steam (it’s currently got 0 reviews), it’s very cheap and has also been released on Nintendo Switch, where some of the early reviews are saying it’s worth a look. It’s got a neat art style, too.

 The Fall Part 2: Unbound 

 Steam Page
Released: February 13
Developer: Over The Moon
Publisher: Over The Moon
Price: $16.99

Here’s the second episode of a side-scrolling science fiction series which, according to studio Over The Moon, “will break your protocols”. You play as an AI which has been attacked and infected with… something, from which you must escape. If you’re lucky, you may also get revenge on your attacker. If you played the first The Fall instalment, you probably know what to expect. For everyone else, expect a nice mix of exploration, action and puzzle solving. It’s quite narrative driven, which is a problem if you haven’t played the first, but is far less of a problem, since you can buy a bundle with the first included for the same price as standalone.

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