Five new Steam games you probably missed this week

Wild Wolf

Steam Page
Released: December 25
Developer: Altai Game Studio
Publisher: Altai Game Studio
Price: $9.99

Steam is awash with Early Access survival games, but how many put you in the role of a lone wolf? Well, probably a few, given Steam nowadays, but Wild Wolf looks especially interesting: it’s a single-player game, but you’ll be recruiting and befriending other AI wolves in order to collaborate in hunting or to just, I guess, feel less lonely. The game is in Early Access and will probably remain so for “about 2-3 months”, with AI and various survival meta-games the focus on ongoing improvement. The Steam Early Access reviews thus far are a bit mixed, but it’ll be worth keeping an eye on its progress towards 1.0.


Steam Page
Released: January 4
Developer: Secret Level SRL
Publisher: Making Fun, Inc
Price: Free

Here’s a free-to-play “turn-based multiplayer strategy game” which has just exited Early Access. You’ll choose a character from one of four classes, each of which can be customised, and then partake in 1v1 duels which can last between five and ten minutes. As the video above demonstrates, the format veers closely to the board game and CCG genres. It’s definitely worth giving a shot if you’re after a new (and free) competitive game, and you can also download it for iOS and Android and play with the same account. Basically, you never really have to stop playing this game.


Steam Page
Released: December 28
Developer: The Game Bakery
Publisher: The Game Bakery
Price: Free

Here’s an interesting (and free) RTS/open world adventure hybrid, where you’ll be fending off some vague “corruption” affecting the world’s forest. Naturally, this is done with plenty of violence, but it’s a violence of the whimsical and cheerful variety. Combat scenarios seem to shift between fast-paced third-person action and a more tactical isometric view, and Steam users are reporting that it’s pretty decent (Very Positive is its current status) albeit a little directionless and repetitious at times. Worth a shot for this price, though. 


Steam Page
Released: December 30
Developer: Eyebrow Interactive
Publisher: Eyebrow Interactive
Price: $9.99

An online multiplayer action game about bombing the ever-loving crap out of your opponents, made by Tyler Glaiel of Closure and The End is Night fame. It doesn’t really get much more straightforward than this: on maps built with fully-destructible voxels, you’ll be lobbing bombs until you’re (ideally) the only one left alive. There are “overpowered” powerups hidden in pinatas, including jetpacks, missiles and luchador masks, among other things (I’ve no idea what the mask does, to be honest). These powerups stack too, which sounds fun, and there are over 100 maps to choose from, with various themes and traps throughout. Seems like a pretty neat game if you’re after a moreish and breezy competitive game to play with friends.


Steam Page
Released: December 28
Developer: CharlieH
Publisher: CharlieH
Price: $0.99

Apparently this schmup is a “joke game” and given it’s developed by the same person responsible for Shake Your Money Simulator and Super LOH, that’s no surprise. And yet, people seem to be enjoying this game, which seems to be having some joke at the expense of Russians. I can’t vouch for whether these jokes hit their mark or not, but the game has five bosses and a “great amount of fun enemies” and is barely a buck to try, so if you’re after a schmup themed around vodka then… it’s 2018. You should be allowed to play games themed around vodka if you want.

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