Five new Steam games you probably missed this week

Getting Over It

Steam Page
Released: December 7
Developer: Bennett Foddy
Publisher: Bennett Foddy
Price: $7.99

From the creator of QWOP comes another relentlessly frustrating physics-oriented game, this time about a guy stuck in a huge pot, his only means of moving a hammer. With the hammer you’re climbing, pivoting and pushing up the game’s mountain, though realistically you’ll fail hundreds of times before having any success. This game, be warned, is designedly hard. One of its selling points is that you’ll “feel new types of frustration you didn’t know you were capable of”. Sounds great. According to creator Bennett Foddy, it’s “a homage to Jazzuo's 2002 B-Game classic 'Sexy Hiking'.” I can’t speak for the rest of the PC Gamer editorial team but this is probably the game of the year if sitting in pots while trying to climb mountains is your bag. This released via Humble Monthly back in October but now it’s on Steam.

Oh My Godheads

Steam Page
Released: December 6
Developer: Titutitech
Publisher: Square Enix
Price: $14.99

Local multiplayer games are rife on Steam nowadays, but Oh My Godheads looks cool. It’s a four-player free-for-all capture the flag style game, except you’re capturing the nominal Godheads which, when seized, can be both an aide and a disadvantage. Weapons include “pointy swords” and “explosive pies”, and there are ten different godheads, all with ten different “game-changing” abilities. There are ten levels and nine characters, as well as AI and a Trials of the Gods mode if you want to play alone. The concept is pretty straightforward but to see why it’s appealing, you’ll need to watch some footage. There’s a trailer above for that.

Music Awards Manager

Steam Page
Released: December 7
Developer: Hamsters Gaming
Publisher: Hamsters Gaming
Price: $5.99

Here’s a management sim about making it big in the music industry – not just running a music awards night, as the name implies. You create a music group, rehearse, figure out your musical direction (three genres feature: rock, electronic, pop and r’n’b, and you don’t need to stick with just one) and then try your darndest to become famous. It comes with all the fiddling and micro-management fans of these business sims expect, but it looks like morality and ethics will come into play too, which could make things really interesting. 

Super Turbo Demon Busters

Steam Page
Released: December 8
Developer: HeroCraft
Publisher: HeroCraft
Price: $11.99

Thought we could go a week without a pixel-art rogue-like? Think again, because that’s what Super Turbo Demon Busters! Is. It’s a little hard to glean from trailers just how it plays out, though it looks like a sparse overworld map transforms into a first-person, fully illustrated view when facing enemies. “So, your beloved superiors have just landed you, by mistake, on a home world of every monster, virus and hazard in our galaxy,” the description reads. “Time is running out before you either burn or, worse, become one of them. Lead a squad of hardcore space marines and mercenaries through the hell made by the devoted fans of DOOM and ALIEN.”

Hello Neighbor

Steam Page
Released: December 9
Developer: Dynamic Pixels
Publisher: tinyBuild
Price: $29.99

A first-person stealth game about breaking into your neighbor’s house. Under no circumstances should anyone break into their neighbor’s house, but the rationale in Hello Neighbor is that the person living there seems a bit suss, seems to be hiding something grim. That seems incentive enough to stay away, but it looks like once you do infiltrate the house, the game takes on a horror tone of sorts. It’s currently sitting on a “Mixed” rating on Steam, as apparently it’s quite buggy. Whether you wait or dive in right now is up to you (it’s officially released after a period in Early Access), but it seems good for a laugh.

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