Five new Steam games you probably missed this week

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

Steam Page
Released: February 1
Developer: KK Game Studio
Publisher: KK Game Studio
Price: $14.99

This is a neat looking FPS / strategy / RPG hybrid, with several Steam reviewers drawing parallels between it and Mount & Blade. It’s in Early Access, and will be there until the end of this year, but it currently boasts a “playable sandbox mode with 12 towns to conquer and defend”. In addition, most of the central RPG elements are already there too. You start as a fairly lowly faction leader, with the objective being to grow and expand and, most importantly, wage bloody war on opponents. It’s a pretty cool prospect for anyone looking for an FPS with the depth of Arma, with an interesting strategy element to boot.


Steam Page
Released: February 2
Developer: Impact Gameworks
Publisher: Impact Gameworks
Price: $14.99

You’ve probably heard of Tangledeep – it’s been in Early Access for a while. But last week saw the richly detailed 16-bit old school RPG finally exit, and based on looks alone, it’ll be worth investigating. The combat is turn-based, and as you’d expect from a game that takes some inspiration from roguelikes, the dungeons are procedurally generated. The market for retro-styled, rogue-inspired indies is obviously very busy, but this has had a successful Early Access stint and sits on a “Very Positive” Steam rating. “Trapped in underground villages with no memory of the world at the surface, you must survive an ever-changing labyrinth to discover what lies above,” so reads the description.

Warriors: Rise to Glory!

Steam Page
Released: February 2
Developer: Gavra Games
Publisher: Gavra Games
Price: $9.99

For those who like their turn-based combat without other distractions, Warriors looks like a decent option. It’s an Early Access title, and will remain so for the next eight months or so. But what exists already looks fun if you can handle the cartoonish aesthetic. “You are a fierce warrior, summoned to a strange realm to fight for the amusement of a crazy tyrant,” reads the description. “You must rise above all other fighters to win your freedom back – and get your revenge against the lunatic emperor Ayziz!” As you’d expect, you’ll loot weapons, level up and learn new skills, but deciding the fate of your vanquished opponents seems like a pretty neat twist.


Steam Page
Released: February 4
Developer: Chautauqua Software
Publisher: Chautauqua Software
Price: $7.99

This is a curious one: it’s a top-down action game with a sparse and eerie aesthetic, reminiscent of, dare I say it, Dark Souls. The combat is fist and sword focused, with the playable character able to shift around rapidly to evade attacks. The system doesn’t look complex, but no doubt requires some dexterity. Aside from that, it’s hard to really tell what else happens in Ling: it seems deliberately cryptic and mysterious. Which, for $8, is a gamble worth taking in my opinion.


Steam Page
Released: February 3
Developer: Snare Games
Publisher: Snare Games
Price: $9.99

Here’s another action RPG / rogue-lite hybrid, but with a fairly prominent focus on exploration. It’s 3D, albeit from a top-down view, and boasts a striking, colourful, polygonal art style. Oh, and it’s in Early Access, but there seems to be a fair bit to chew on at present: randomly generated worlds across three different biomes, six basic enemy types, power-ups and a boss to tackle. According to the studio, it’ll spend around three months in Early Access.

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