Where to find Fortnite's mushrooms

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The foraged mushrooms are one part of the Worlds Collide mission set for Fortnite, and since mushrooms aren't exactly known for their size, they can be tough to find on the very, very large Fortnite map. Thankfully, we scouted around to find the best locations for these tricky little treats.

In order to find them, you're going to be looking for areas that are heavily shaded. Just like in real life, these foraged mushrooms grow in darker, deeper areas. Here's a map showing all the key locations.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You're looking primarily in these locations:

- In the forest around Lonely Lodge

- Closer to the coast outside Lonely Lodge

- The greens south of the volcano's lava trail

- South of Tilted Town, near the river

- The heavily wooded regions between Tilted Town and Pleasant Park

- The west side of Pleasant Park, south of the mountains

- The wooded stretches of Haunted Hill

- Southeast-ish of Junk Junction

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