Fortnite: Fountain, crane, and vending machine locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Season X Spray & Pray missions bundle just released, and it contains quite a few scavenger hunts. One requires spraying a fountain, crane, and vending machine, so it's time to prep yourself for another lap around the map. We have locations for a couple fountains, a crane, and some advice for where to reliably find a vending machine mapped out and detailed below. 

There are a couple big fountains at Mega Mall, but it get's pretty busy, so I recommend tagging the fountain on the eastern shore of Lazy Lagoon. For the crane, land at Junk Junction and head to the southern entrance. The crane makes up part of the sign, so build a bit and paint the sucker.

The vending machine portion might be a little trickier. Vending machines spawn at set locations throughout the map, but they're not guaranteed to spawn. I recommend swinging by Happy Hamlet. It has three potential vending machine spawns and it's not a particularly popular landing spot, so you probably won't face much competition.

(Image credit: Epic Games)
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