How to complete Blaidd's quest in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Blaidd quest - Blaidd is standing next to an old stone wall
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Blaidd, Elden Ring's towering wolf, is up there with Malenia as a fan art favorite. Meet him and you'll immediately get it: Blaidd is tall and regal, but far more polite than you'd expect. An instant classic FromSoftware NPC.

Don't worry if you don't find Blaidd in your first couple hours of exploring the Lands Between, though, because while his quest ties in with one of the longest, most important storylines in all of Elden Ring, you don't need to meet him in Limgrave to start it. 

If you want Blaidd's regal wolf armor, you'll need to wait until deep into the game to get it. In fact, adopting Blaidd's fashion sense requires completing what is quite possibly the longest quest chain in the game. With that in mind, here's what you need to know about Blaidd in Elden Ring, including how and where to start his quest and what you need to do to get his armor. 

There are some minor spoilers ahead.

Blaidd location: The howling at Mistwood Ruins

You may hear Blaidd howl in the woods without even noticing he's nearby but FromSoftware added in a little clue to help the two of you meet. 

You need to speak to the merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh after hearing Blaidd at the Mistwood Ruins in West Limgrave. You can ask about the howling to receive the "snap" gesture needed to get the wolf knight down from the tower (that's Blaidd, naturally). 

Once you've done that, speak to Blaidd and he'll tell you that he's looking for someone named Darriwil.

Now to begin the quest.

Blaidd's Quest

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Elden Ring Blaidd quest: Where to find Darriwil 

Darriwil is found to the south, at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. So fast travel to the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace, then head to the location on the map below. Step into the centre of the big circular stone area and examine the glowing disc in the middle to enter.

You can summon Blaidd with his Elden Ring Spirit Ash to help you with this fight—his yellow summon sign is on the ground, close to the glowing circle where you arrived. You don't have to summon him if you don't want his help: just defeating Darriwil will complete this step of the quest. You also get the Bloodhound's Fang curved greatsword as a reward.

Speak to Blaidd again, this time outside of the Evergaol. He'll give you a Somber Smithing Stone (2), but keep talking to him until he mentions a blacksmith. The blacksmith is far to the north, so it'll likely be some hours before you encounter him.

When you reach that area to the north later on—just before Caria Manor in West Liurnia—and speak to Iji the blacksmith, you can say that Blaidd sent you. Doing so unlocks the Carian Filigreed Crest, an Elden Ring talisman that lowers FP consumed by skills.

This is technically the end of Blaidd's personal quest, but it's hardly the end of his role in Elden Ring.

Where does Blaidd go next?

The quest Blaidd gives you is short, but his role in the game continues after you defeat Darriwil and speak to him. You'll have to continue to Caria Manor in northwest Liurnia of the Lakes to continue Blaidd's story, which is heavily intertwined with Ranni the Witch's.

You can follow our Elden Ring Ranni quest guide for the step-by-step.

If you're just looking for where to find Blaidd as you progress through the game, though, here are the other spots he'll appear: 

  • After initiating Ranni the Witch's quest in Caria Manor, head to the Siofra River Well underground in Mistwood, not far from where you first met Blaidd. You'll find him on the southern edge of the large Siofra River area and can speak to him about his quest for Nokron.
  • Blaidd suggests you speak with Ranni's servant Seluvis, which leads you to speaking with Sorceress Sellen. Speak to both and return to Blaidd for new dialogue about fighting Starscourge Radahn.
  • When you arrive at Redmane Castle in southeast Caelid, Blaidd will be there to join in the fight against Radahn. You can speak to him, and summon him to assist in the battle.
  • After defeating Radahn, you can find Blaidd at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol where you fought Darriwil.
  • Blaidd's last location is outside Ranni's Rise when you complete Ranni's questline.

Blaidd armor

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How to get Blaidd's armor 

If you've got your heart set on Blaidd's armor, you've got quite a bit to do first, progressing through all the locations above. You'll need to complete every step of Ranni's questline, which is one of the most involved in the game and leads to one of its major endings. (Again, our Elden Ring Ranni quest guide should help you out with each of the steps.)

Once you've completed Ranni's quest and got the Dark Moon Greatsword from her, return to Ranni's Rise and you should find Blaidd outside. Meeting him here is the only way to acquire Blaidd's armor set and his greatsword.

The Black Wolf Mask to complete the set is found on a corpse behind Seluvis's Rise, nearby.

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