How to fast travel in Elden Ring

Elden Ring fast travel - a player sitting on the ground beside a glowing Site of Grace
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If you're wondering if Elden Ring fast travel is a thing, I've got some good news. The Lands Between is absolutely gigantic and it'd take an age to make your way across all that ground on foot. Luckily you have your trusty mount, Torrent, but fast travel is another tool that can speed you along.

It's a very different system to Dark Souls or Bloodborne, in that you no longer need a bonfire to make your way to where you need to go. In this guide, how to fast travel in Elden Ring, and when you can get travelling.

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Elden Ring fast travel: How it works

When you first leave the Stranded Graveyard at the start of the game, you'll have that Fallout moment where your eyes adjust to the scale of the setting before you. Straight ahead you'll find a Site of Grace. These are essentially the new bonfires—hubs that will let you level, equip Ashes of War, alter armor, and lots of other stuff. But you can also fast travel between them.

Simply open your map, select one of the graces, and you can zoom straight to it. Beware, however, that you can't open your map if enemies are nearby—it's Elder Scrolls all over again.

Elden Ring grace: How it works 

Once you unlock a Site of Grace, it will also light a path in the direction you have to go to face the next main boss and continue with the story. You can also view these lines on the map. If you want an in-game explanation, talk to the friendly chap standing by the first site, outside the Stranded Graveyard. 


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