Elden Ring painting locations: How to solve them

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Looking for all those mysterious Elden Ring paintings? It wouldn't be a FromSoftware game without the odd cryptic puzzle for players to work out, and the Lands Between has plenty. You'll be deciphering Elden Ring map fragments, chasing rumours, and in this particular instance, collecting rewards from long-dead painters.

Dotted around the world of Elden Ring are rather large paintings for you to find. So what are you supposed to do with these works of art? Track down the original artists and shake some gear and gifts out of them of course. We've collected the locations of all the paintings and their artists so you can meet up with each of them.

Elden Ring paintings: How to solve the puzzles 

When roaming around East Limgrave, you'll probably happen upon the aptly-named, Artist's Shack. This ruined house contains a painting titled "Homing Instinct". On closer inspection, the painting's description will say that if you head to the place in the painting, you can find a reward.

Now, here's the thing: to solve the paintings, you aren't heading to the location in the painting itself. You have to head to the location that they were painted from to meet the artist. So, for example, Homing Instinct was painted near the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace, just east of the Stranded Graveyard along the coast. If you go there, you'll find a ghostly artist sitting nearby in front of a few graves and an archway.

Walk a bit closer and they'll disappear, giving you a reward for your trouble.

Homing Instinct painting location and reward

Painting location: Artist's Shack (East Limgrave)
Reward location: Seaside Ruins (West Limgrave)
Reward: Incantation Scarab headpiece

You'll find the Homing Instinct painting right next to the Artist's Shack Site of Grace in East Limgrave, which is on a hill overlooking the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace.

The ghostly painter holding your reward is on a cliff overlooking the swampy ruins in West Limgrave. You can get there by following the cliffs east of the stranded graveyard where you first arrived in game.

Prophecy painting location and reward

Painting location: Stormveil Castle (West Limgrave)
Reward location: Church of Pilgrimage (Weeping Peninsula)
Reward: Warhawk Ashes

The Prophecy painting is located past the courtyard full of flamethrowers in Stormveil Castle. Head to the west side of the courtyard, before the staircase (or east and then south from the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace) to find the small library room with the Prophecy painting. 

The ghostly artist of this painting is on a cliff just outside the Church of Pilgrimage, which is located on the northernmost tip of the Weeping Peninsula (south of Limgrave).

Resurrection painting location and reward

Painting location: Artist's Shack (Liurnia)
Reward location: Caria Manor
Reward: Juvenile Scholar Cap, Juvenile Scholar Robe, Larval Tear

The Resurrection painting is located in another Artist's Shack, this one in Liurnia. You'll find it on a hill on the eastern side of Liurnia, just north of the Liurnia Tower Bridge.

To grab your fashionable rewards, head to Caria Manor at the northmost part of Liurnia. Head southeast of the Behind Caria Manor Site of Grace to find this painter hanging out at the center of a graveyard that's directly east of the manor walls overlooking the ravine.

Redmane painting location and reward

Painting location: Sellia Under-Stair (Caelid)
Reward location: Dragonbarrow Cave (Caelid)
Reward: Ash of War: Rain of Arrows

The Redmane painting is a tricky puzzle that will ask you to dodge some sorcerers and do some serious jumping. Start out by heading to the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace in Caelid. Head up the stairs, hang a right and then a quick left to find the Redmane painting underneath a partially collapsed arch with several enemies digging around on the ground nearby.

For the reward, you'll be doing some very dangerous parkour further east in Caelid. Start form the Dragonbarrow Fork Site of Grace and head east to the Minor Erdtree on your map nearby. Head east up the road to a bunch of broken pot boys beneath the Erdtree and check out the cliff to the south. 

The way down begins with a large tree root. If you're playing online, you'll likely see messages on the ground from other players telling you to "try jumping". This time, they're telling the truth. Try jumping, but very carefully. If you have any Soft Cotton for reducing fall damage, now is a great time to use it. Make your way down from tree roots to columns to arches carefully until you've found the ground below. The ghostly painter is looking out over the cliffs at the broken arches you saw in the painting and will hand over an Ash of War for your trouble.

Champion's Song painting location and reward

Painting location: The Shaded Castle (Altus Plateau)
Reward location: Rampartside Path (Altus Plateau)
Reward: Harp Bow

From the Shaded Castle Ramparts Site of Grace, head northeast along the ramparts until you find the collapsed portion of the wall. Butting up to the rampart walls on your left side is a small covered wooden staircase with the Champion's Song inside. Just be mindful not to fall into the poisonous goop below.

To claim the Harp Bow as your reward, head to the Rampartside Path Site of Grace, significantly southeast of the Shaded Castle and close to the outer wall of the Fortified Manor. Your ghostly painter friend is on a small bluff about equidistant between the Rampartside Path and Sainted Hero's Grave Sites of Grace.

Flightless Bird painting location and reward

Painting location: Fortified Manor First Floor (Altus Plateau)
Reward location: Windmill Village (Altus Plateau)
Reward: Fire's Deadly Sin incantation

The Flightless Bird painting is located in the same room as the Fortified Manor First Floor Site of Grace.

The ethereal painter is quite a ways away, though. You'll find your reward in Windmill Village, north of the Manor's outer wall. This painter is sitting behind a ruined house, overlooking a cliff on the southeast edge of the village.

Sorcerer painting location and reward

Painting location: Castle Sol (Mountaintops of the Giants)
Reward location: Snow Valley Ruins Overlook
Reward: Greathood headpiece

The Sorcerer painting is definitely a bit of a trek to get to. From the Castle Sol Main Gate Site of Grace, located on the northeast section of the Mountaintops of the Giants, head into the castle. Your goal is getting into the central tower just to your left as you enter the walls. You'll need to head off to the left through a series of spiked barricades, up a short staircase, and find the door on the left wall with two torches. After climbing the ladder in that room to the upper ramparts, follow the wooden paths counter clockwise to make your way onto the top of the tower you spotted when first entering. Head inside via a rooftop ladder and the painting is waiting.

For the reward, head to the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook south of Castle Sol. This painter is off to the west of the Site of Grace, looking out over the east side of a bridge that spans the frozen river.


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