How to get the wolf knight down from the tower in Elden Ring

elden ring howling wolf in tower
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Wondering how to get that howling Elden Ring wolf knight to come down from his tower in Limgrave? While riding through the Mistwood of east Limgrave, you may hear a howling noise and followed it to its source to find a wolf knight having a good ol' moan.

The problem is there's no way up to him, and he seems too preoccupied to really say hello. Since Elden Ring's NPCs, like Pot Boy, are surprisingly hard to find sometimes, I'll help you with how to summon the wolf knight down from his tower and say howdy.

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Where to find the wolf knight

You'll hear the wolf knight howl in the Mistwood Ruins in east Limgrave. If you follow the road that goes south through the woods, you'll find the ruins on the right, though you'll hear him long before you see him. The ruins also contain a pretty decent Talisman in the basement, though beware of the giant sleeping bear nearby.

Elden Ring's wolf knight: How to get him down

It's actually very simple to get Blaidd down, but as with a lot of FromSoftware game stuff, it only seems simple once you've already worked it out. Similar to how you get the Elden Ring Spirit Calling Bell, head back to the Church of Elleh and talk to Kale the merchant. You'll hear a unique piece of dialogue about the howling, and Kale will give you the "snap" gesture to get the knight to come down.

Head back to the Mistwood Ruins and perform the gesture with him in sight and he'll jump down beside the tower. And that's it! 

If you're planning to pursue his request to find Darriwil, head to the hill on the most southerly point of east Limgrave. Incidentally, Bloodhound Knight Darriwil is in our bosses guide.

Now follow the rest of his quest

You'll learn the wolf knight is named Blaidd, and he's actually a major character in one of Elden Ring's most substantial plotlines. To learn more about Blaidd, you'll have to follow the Ranni quest in Elden Ring, which pairs you and the wolf knight up on a search for an ancient city.

We have a separate guide for how to get Blaidd's wolf knight armor, too.

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