How to complete the Nepheli Loux quest in Elden Ring

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The Elden Ring Nepheli questline has a lot of steps that are easy to miss if you don't know what to look for. It doesn't help that she moves around a lot either, depending on how far along you are in the story. 

This dual-axe-wielding warrior is a helpful character to meet, as she can help you fight one of the first Elden Ring bosses—though you'll need to meet and speak to her beforehand to get her to show up. If you happen to miss her on your way through Stormveil Castle, don't worry as you'll be able to meet up with Nepheli in Roundtable Hold later on.

If you follow the steps listed below, you'll encounter Seluvis, Gideon, Roderika, and Kenneth Haight during her quest so she's more than just a useful summon at the start of the game. That said, if you do want a helping hand with Godrick, and the useful equip-load Arsenal Charm that Nepheli gives you after the boss, I'll explain where to find that as well. Here's what you need to know about Elden Ring's Nepheli Loux, with details for every step of her quest.

Elden Ring Nepheli Loux quest summary

Here's an overview of the steps you need to take to finish Nepheli Loux's quest:

  • Talk to Nepheli in the room near the Godrick boss battle before defeating him.
  • Meet Nepheli outside Gideon's study in the Roundtable Hold to receive the Arsenal Charm. She won't appear if you haven't spoken to Gideon.
  • Head to Caria Manor and begin the Ranni quest to speak to Seluvis and get the potion.
  • Meet Nepheli in the Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia before defeating the Omenkiller boss.
  • Head back to the Roundtable Hold and speak to Nepheli downstairs past Smith Master Hewg.
  • Talk to Gideon and either give him the potion to continue Nepheli's quest, or give it to Nepheli to make her a puppet. Alternatively, you can give this potion to Dung Eater to make him a puppet once you find him in Leyndell.
  • Complete Roderika's quest to the point where she can perform spirit tuning.
  • Head to the Chapel of Anticipation using the topmost of the Four Belfries and find the Stormhawk King. Give this to Nepheli back at the Roundtable Hold.
  • Complete the Kenneth Haight quest to the point where he's back at his fort.
  • After you've defeated Morgott, head back to the Stormveil Castle throne room to find Nepheli, Kenneth Haight, and Gatekeeper Gostoc.
  • Speak to Nepheli to get an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and purchase another from Gostoc.

Godrick Boss Battle

Nepheli's location in Stormveil Castle. (Image credit: From Software)

Find Nepheli in Stormveil Castle

You're likely to first come across Nepheli just before the Godrick boss fight in Stormveil Castle. She's easy to miss, however, so check the room to the right of the courtyard after fighting the bladed Stormhawks. This is right before you find the Secluded Cell Site of Grace.

Talk to her until she offers to help you defeat Godrick, then you're free to head to the boss room where you can find Nepheli's golden summon sign right in front of the fog door. Once you've beaten Godrick, head to Roundtable Hold and speak to Gideon in the library, then find Nepheli near the Twin Maiden Husks vendor who will reward you with the Arsenal Charm talisman for increasing equip load. 

Seluvis' potion

Seluvis' tower location. (Image credit: From Software)

Seluvis and Nepheli

Nepheli will leave for the Village of the Albinaurics after you have exhausted her dialogue at Roundtable Hold. You can talk to her at the village in Liurnia if you travel there yourself. Before covering that segment of Nepheli's quest, I'd like to address her interactions with Seluvis, an NPC at the Caria manor you'll meet as part of Ranni's quest.

Seluvis requests that you have Nepheli drink a potion. Its effects aren't made especially clear, but Seluvis' potion will kill the drinker and turn them into a puppet for him, and later, a Spirit Ash summon for yourself

Once Nepheli has returned from the Village of the Albinaurics and you've spoken to Gideon about her, you'll get the option to offer her the potion. 

Note: You can technically offer her the potion before this point but she will refuse it. Before you make any decisions, it might be best to check the consequences for each below. 

Who should you give Seluvis' potion to in Elden Ring?

Here are all of the NPCs you can give the potion to in Seluvis' quest:

  • If you give the potion to Gideon and tell Seluvis you did as he asked, you'll still be able to buy Elden Ring sorceries from Seluvis.
  • If you give the potion to Nepheli, she will turn into a doll and leave Roundtable Hold soon after, an eternal slave to Seluvis. You can then buy her spirit summon from Seluvis later on but her quest will stop here.
  • There is also a third option, to save the potion and give it to the Loathsome Dung Eater when you find his physical form in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds under Leyndell, Royal Capital. Doing this will also make the Dung Eater a summon available from Seluvis.

As long as you give the potion to someone and don't progress Ranni's quest to the point where you give her the Finger Slaying Blade, Seluvis will remain alive and you'll be able to pursue his quest further to gather Amber Starlight and try to turn Ranni into a puppet. You'll also be able to purchase sorceries, and puppets once you find his hidden labratory.

Note that the only current difference between giving Nepheli the potion or not, is that you don't get her as a summon if you spare her. 

Village of the Albinaurics

Speak to Nepheli at the Village of the Albinaurics

Nepheli can next be found just outside the Village of the Albinaurics in south-central Liurnia. Approaching from the north, the clear waters of Liurnia will give way to vintage Miyazaki poison swamp before a massive opening in the cliffside. Enter the massive cavern, and to your left (the eastern side) there will be a pathway up into the village.

You can find Nepheli on this path, before encountering any opponents. Exhaust her dialogue to make her available as a summon for the area's boss. Activate the site of grace halfway on the path upward, cross the stone bridge, and the path to your right will lead to that aforementioned boss: the first Omenkiller you're likely to find in Elden Ring, accompanied by some feral dogs. Return to Nepheli's original position, exhaust her dialogue again, and you will next find her at Roundtable Hold.

Detour: Albus and Latenna

There are some more plot-critical NPCs who can help you gain access to a late-game area hiding in and around the village of the Albinaurics. From the area's Site of Grace, head up like you're going to the area boss, but instead continue past the Depraved Perfumer enemy. There will be a large pot (likely with messages pointing it out) that you can strike once to reveal Albus, the Albinauric, using a mimic spell to hide from the carnage. Speak to him to receive the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right).

You can find the woman he speaks of, Latenna, by completing the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon to the east of the Albinauric village. She'll be in the Slumbering Wolf Shack outside on the other side of the tunnel. Speak to her to begin her quest.

Kenneth Haight and The Stormhawk King

Where to find the Stormhawk King 

The final steps of Nepheli's quest begin with the Four Belfries in western Liurnia, to the south of Caria manor. This area contains three portals to other areas of the Lands Between, and one Imbued Sword Key: a special Stonesword Key that only works here. There are three in the game, with one other found at Raya Lucaria Academy and the third hidden in Sellia, Town of Sorcery.

Unlock the northeastern portal to return to the Chapel of Anticipation, the starting area. It's payback time for that Grafted Scion. After you dispatch him, return to the entryway to the chapel. Facing inward, you will find a door to your right that was locked at the beginning of the game is now open. On the roof at the top of the stairs, you will find the Stormhawk King. Give this to Nepheli at the Roundtable Hold.

Find Kenneth Haight and Nepheli at Stormveil Castle 

Now for the very final stages of Nepheli's quest. If you met Kenneth Haight earlier in the game, he should have relocated back to his fort after giving you the Erdsteel Dagger. Speaking to him again should see him lamenting the state of things and wishing for a true ruler to return to Limgrave.

You'll have to progress through the game as far as Leyndell and defeat Morgott to trigger the conclusion. After that's done, head back to the Roundtable Hold and speak to Gideon about Nepheli one last time.

Now you can head to the Stormveil Castle throne room and you should find a newly crowned Nepheli, Kenneth Haight, and Gatekeeper Gostoc hanging out. Talk to Nepheli and she'll give you an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, while Gostoc will become a vendor here, and sell an additional stone to you.


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