How to find Rich Soil and create the Miracle Growth Elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley's Nature and Nurture quest begins after you've met up with Scar for the first time. This quest has you explore a new area of the Sunlight Plateau called the Vitalis Mines, which has new Vitalis crystals to collect with your pickaxe. Scar remains endlessly sarcastic throughout the quest, which is a pleasant change from Donald Duck's endless rages.

There are a few steps to this quest which are fairly straightforward, so I'll talk you through what you need to do, like making extra fizzy root beer and finding rich soil.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Nature and Nurture quest

This quest begins automatically after you meet Scar and the mines can be found just to the right of Goofy's stall in the Sunlit Plateau, to the right of the nearby bridge. You can approach the mine in two ways: Go straight ahead, cross the river using the rocks in the water, and go up the ramp to find the exact spot you're looking for from the entrance, or explore the cave and smash up the Vitalis rocks. I recommend doing the latter, as you'll need to collect at least 10 Vitalis Crystals for the next step.

You're looking for a barrel next to a blocked-up wall. It will tell you that you need root beer, which you can find the recipe for in the cave. Head back to Merlin and he'll tell you to make the extra fizzy root beer to dissolve some night thorns in the cave, which you'll combine with crackling candies to give it an extra kick.

To make the extra fizzy root beer, you'll need:

  • Ginger
  • Sugar cane
  • Vanilla

Once you've made an extra fizzy root beer, put it and the candies into the barrel and the river will flow freely.  

How to get Rich Soil and plant the Orb of Nurturing

Once you return outside, you'll see the Forgotten—your spooky alter ego—and you'll be able to get the Orb of Nurturing by following them into the portal that appears near the elephant's graveyard. Once again, have a chat with Merlin and he'll explain that, to reactivate the orb, you'll need to make the Miracle Growth Elixir. You need to gather: 

  • 10 Vitalis crystals 
  • 10 Rich soil
  • 1000 Dreamlight

To get rich soil, you'll need to harvest crops. I had to harvest 37 pumpkins to get one bit of rich soil, so your best bet is to buy lots of cheap, fast-growing crops like lettuce or wheat and plant a few dozen so you can grind through this next step. Harvesting 50 wheat netted me three rich soils, so it's much faster and cheaper this way.

Once you've got everything you need, craft the elixir to upgrade your watering can. Have another chat with Merlin and he'll tell you to plant the Orb of Nurturing in the ground before the pillar in the Sunlit Plateau. Easy stuff, right? There's a little hole already in front of the pillar, so go ahead and bury the orb and water it.

It will take some time—a few days, it seems—for the orb to be ready, after which I assume you'll stick it into the pillar. Maybe then we'll get a way to smash up the bones around the plateau, eh?

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