How to unlock Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley

disney dreamlight valley scar
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A new season begins today in Disney Dreamlight Valley and Scar is joining the character roster. Alongside a new Star Path—Dreamlight Valley's version of a battle pass—you'll be able to unlock Scar as a new pal and he's got some new quests for you that delve deeper into your past as the former leader of the valley. 

In this guide, I'll talk you through how to unlock Scar as well as how to begin his first quest, Nature and Nurture.

How to unlock Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley 

Unless you're hoarding all that Dreamlight for something else, chances are you'll have gathered enough to unlock the Sunlit Plateau, which is just up to the left of the Plaza. Until now, we could only see that there was a character home in the elephant's graveyard on the map, but it was inaccessible. Now that the new update is here, the rocks that were blocking the home are removed.

To meet Scar, unlock the Sunlight Plateau, which costs 7000 Dreamlight. After that, head up the path and to the right to the elephant's graveyard and go into the home in the skull. He'll be lurking there, so go ahead and speak to him, which unlocks the ability to give him gifts and have daily discussions. There's also a great circle of life joke in there you can make if you fancy being Team Mufasa.

Once he's unlocked, you'll be able to start the Nature and Nurture quest and explore a new area of the Sunlit Plateau, the Vitalis Mines, which has some new resources and minerals for you to mine. To get through Scar's friendship levels quickly, I'd recommend making him a mining companion as there's a lot of pickaxe action in this mission.  

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