How to make ratatouille in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille
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Looking for the perfect ratatouille recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley? If you want to convince Remy to join you as a resident, you'll need to don your chef's hat and whip up a five-star meal. Naturally, Remy is found in the Ratatouille realm in the Dream Castle and he'll set you the task of cooking up several culinary concoctions to help persuade him to join you.

Most of the dishes are fairly straightforward and the quest as a whole is a solid introduction to cooking. Preparing ratatouille, however, is a little more complex than the others and you'll need to use specific ingredients to satisfy Remy. Here's how to make ratatouille in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille: How to make this dish 

Ratatouille is the final dish you need to prepare for Remy during the An Important Night at the Restaurant quest—and it's the most tricky. It doesn't help that Remy himself is quite vague about the ingredients needed to make it, so I've listed the items you'll need to make the dish below.

The ratatouille ingredients are:

  • Basil x1
  • Onion x1
  • Tomato x1
  • Eggplant x1
  • Zucchini x1

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Once you've gathered these ingredients, throw them into the cooking pot and you'll get the five-star ratatouille dish in return. Now all that's left to do is present the ratatouille to Remy. He'll be so impressed with your cooking skills that he'll agree to run the Chez Remy restaurant back in the Valley. 

The ratatouille recipe is also added to your cookbook, so you can treat your residents—or yourself—to this delicious meal whenever you like.

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