How to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley upgrade house
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There's a lot to keep you busy in Disney Dreamlight Valley but if you're anything like me, the most pressing issue will be how to upgrade your house. Sure, you can venture into the various realms, complete quests, or collect goodies but you can also redecorate the entire Valley to your liking—and what better place to start than with your own home.

So, if you're ready to get started, here's what you need to know to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including how many Star Coins it will cost set you back.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to upgrade your house 

In order to upgrade your house, you'll need to complete a few quests for Scrooge McDuck. He's one of the first characters you'll meet and he'll introduce you to some of the basic systems in the game.

Here are the three quests you'll need to complete to upgrade your house:

  • Making Cents of Things
  • Scrooge McDuck's Grand Re-Opening
  • Dreamlight Valley Economy 101

There are several steps for each of these quests but are fairly simple to complete. The only one you might have trouble with is finding the gems to sell to Goofy in the final quest. These are collected by mining deposits, though the gems themselves aren't a guaranteed drop. To increase your chances of mining gems, hang out with a character who has a level 2 or above friendship rating that you've assigned mining duties to. Then, go ahead and bash the black rocks with your pickaxe, especially the ones that have coloured rocks poking out. 

Once Scrooge adds an elevator to your house at the end of the third quest, you can increase the size of the main room. This first upgrade is free but you'll have to pay coins for the subsequent upgrades: 

  • First paid upgrade: 1,000 Coins
  • Second paid upgrade: 2,000 Coins

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You can also choose to add additional rooms and expand these too, though these will range in price from 1,000 to 3,000, depending on the size of the room you choose. For exterior upgrades, which will add additional floors to your house, you'll need a whole load more Coins as these don't come cheap. The exterior upgrades are:

  • 2,000 Coins: Exterior improvement, increased storage
  • 20,000 Coins: Exterior improvement, increased storage, second floor
  • 75,000 Coins: Exterior improvement, increased storage, third floor

In short, if you want the biggest and best house in the Valley, you're going to need to start saving.

If you're just getting started with Disney Dreamlight Valley, be sure to check out our guides on how to unlock Royal Tools, import your avatar and how the Star Path works. If you're working on character quests, here are our guides on how to make crudites and ratatouille, and how to solve the cave puzzles. 

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