Computex 2023: all the biggest stories from the Taiwan tech show

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Computex is the most important tech show of the year for the PC industry. And, by extension, that makes Computex the biggest thing in tech for PC gamers, too. This year it's back for really reals, having taken a hiatus of a couple years thanks to the vagaries of the global pandemic.

And we're finally back on the ground in moist Taipei, too this year. Jacob and Katie are on site sampling all the technological delights the Taiwanese trade show has to offer us, while Jeremy and I are back at base offering support and pithy comment.

You can argue that there is less emphasis these days from the big tech companies to time particular releases to coincide with a big event such as Computex—which is certainly true—but while there may be no big reveals from Nvidia, Intel, or AMD, it's an opportunity for the companies that fill out the rest of your PC to make a splash.

So, without any more of me blithering on, here's our roundup of all the news from Computex 2023 so far.

Computex 2023: Day three

Computex 2023: Day two

Computex 2023: Day one

Computex 2023: Pre-show

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