This new PC case is giving real 3D printer vibes and I guess that might be my new 'thing'

Azza Sanctum 810 PC case
(Image credit: Azza)

You might not be ultra-familiar with the case manufacturer Azza, but it's made a bit of a rep out of geometrically interesting chassis designs. And the latest lineup fresh from the Computex show floor is no different. 

It's range of Pyramid chassis is the one you'll likely recognise, but it has a few other classic designs, such as the Cube (balanced precariously on one corner) and its Overdrive case (an open style chassis resembling a car engine). But the new Sanctum is the one which has caught my eye from its new cases.

It's another showpiece chassis, with three sides of tempered glass, like the Lian Li O11 Dynamic or NZXT H9 Elite, but unlike those it packs all the PC gubbins away in its base. That makes your motherboard and stand proud inside it—along with your GPU, CPU, and cooler—while the mess of cables and PSU can be hidden away underneath.

That's what gives it the real 3D printer vibes, and makes it look like it belongs in some lab. Maybe that's why I'm so into it, the PC mad professor thing.

The horizontal motherboard mount will give even the most mammoth GPU room to breath and stop it from tearing PCIe slots asunder thanks to their weight. And with room for GPUs up to 400mm in length they ought to fit the case pretty well, too.

There's ample opportunity for cooling as well, with space for a 360mm radiator on the non-glass side, and lots of fan ports. It ships with four 120mm ARGB fans, with two of them in the base, drawing cold air in from the front to expel from the twin fans in the rear.

I'm not quite so into the new Mesa design. There's something about its angles that hurts my brain when I see it, and it kinda looks like the sort of PC case my great uncle would design. Though he'd probably have done it in ceramic.

Anyways, there's currently no information about pricing just yet, or when they'll actually go on sale. So yeah, we still have questions...


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