Hyte has officially won my best name of Computex prize with the THICC AIO cooler

The Hyte Thicc Q60 is not only the thickest AIO cooler I've ever seen, its also the product that wins my "most obvious name across the whole of Computex" prize. Seriously, though, this thing is humungous and I just cannot get enough of that name.

"Basically it's an extra thick liquid cooler," a spokesperson needlessly explained. And he wasn't kidding. "The radiators are twice the thickness of a typical radiator." With a 52mm thick radiator, it's almost half as thick as it is long. That's with two 32mm thick FT12 fans as opposed to the typical 25mm.

Altogether we're looking at 228x120x52mm, and the whole thing links up as part of the new range of Powered by Nexus modular components with brains, meaning it chains up to the rest of your cooling system with the Nexus Portal control center via some proprietary magnetic Nexus Link connector wizardry.

This thing also has its own Quad-core ARM 64-Bit Cortex processor with DDR4 memory. Because who doesn't need more processors in their PC?

On top of that, the AIO hooks up to a 720 x 1280 resolution screen with lovely curved edges, and a 42-pixel qRGB array that gives off a sweet ambient glow behind it when it's in the case.

As of now, the Thicc Q60 is "still kind of in a prototype phase," but it looks great right now in the while colourway I was shown. I am starting to worry whether my GPU would even fit in my case with this thing jammed in next to it, but the full Powered by Nexus range should hit stores around September this year, if all goes to plan.

All this is reminding us of that time XFX came out with the AMD Radeon RX 590 Fatboy, and I really hope the naming trend continues. It's a darn sight easier to remember than some of the codices I've had to remember today, that's for sure.


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