Oh heck yeah, these gaudy origami PC cases now come with water cooling support

InWins POC in all new purple and pink with liquid cooling support.
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I've been checking out what InWin has been up to in the realm of PC cases, and it looks like a new addition to the iBuild iShare POC range of DIY foldables is in the works. This little Mini-ITX origami chassis has had a colour refresh, and now includes support for water cooling.

Alongside some teeny-weeny, pre-folded samples at InWin's Computex booth, sat the not-much-bigger original POC Mini-ITX origami PC case. These eco-friendly babies come fully flat packed in little sleeves, all tucked into a pizza-box style package for you to fold at home. The OG version came in black and blue, or green and yellow (the latter being my favourite, though it's not to everyone's taste). 

As a Mini-ITX design, you're looking at support for a single 2.5-inch drive, a 346 x 82mm, vertically mounted GPU (so yes, the RTX 4090 Founders Edition would fit), and a CPU cooler no taller than 142mm. Oh and it comes with an InWin Luna AL120 fan to help keep it cool.

And while the dimensions of the case haven't changed, the new POC Liquid Cooling Edition now comes with, you guessed it, support for a single 240mm water cooling radiator—that's as well as the included AL120 fan. Oh, and it now comes in pink and purple, or orange and cobalt blue which really speak to my inner child.

Such is the story of my life as the team's PC building bumblebee, I came for the bright colours and stayed for the impeccable design. 

Just to give a little context, I'm not so great at origami. I made a tank once, but when I saw my friend making a foot-long origami water dragon I figured I'd never be that good, and gave up. She's now using her creative flair to make cool D&D mugs and, well… Here I am. With InWin's latest POC edition, though, maybe I'll have a chance to get back into it, and let loose my do-it-yourself passion on something that's actually relevant to my career.

It may not be a water dragon, but it is water cooled.

Chip chillers

CPU Coolers

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Best CPU cooler: keep your chip chilled in style
Best PC fans: super-silent and plastered in RGB
Best PC cases: big, little, and everything in-between.

So now we've gotta clear some space in our cupboard for the POC Mini-ITX Liquid Cooling Edition, though thankfully not much considering its beautifully compact design.

InWin are no strangers to interesting design, either. Take these $4,000 3D printed cases, for example. But if that's too rich for your blood or DIY is more your style (same), the POC might be a little more up your street. Alternatively, the company's much less gaudy flat-packed PC cases Jacob spotted might be more to your liking. 

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